About Us

Learn about Seedling and the Twin Cities Ecovillage Project.

Meet the Founding Members
Katie Ibes, one of the founding members
Whether or not there’s a calamity ahead, this is how I want to live. I want a more beautiful way to live, and I want to show the world what is possible.
Katie Ibes
Dylan Linet, one of the founding members
I want to see a place with beauty and reverance of the natural world.
Dylan Linet
Syneva Barrett, one of the founding members
I want to build a thriving, regenerative, intergenerational community. I dream of having a healing center where people can come to learn from each other and from the healing experience of being deeply in nature.
Syneva Barrett
Alex Barrett, one of the founding members
I'm excited to create a place that represents what is possible for others. I want somewhere I can feel at peace and at home, while also being able to help other people create their own communities.
Alex Barrett

Seedling Ecovillage Introduction

Watch the presentation we use for our information sessions. Learn about our history, progress, and plans for the future.

Our Values

Our values reflect our intentions and guide our decisions as a group and individuals.

Ecovillage Life

Learn about our vision for life in an ecovillage.