Apply for Membership

Become a founding member of the Seedling Ecovillage

How to become a founding member

  1. Attend an info session (or two or three.) Get to know the current members.
  2. Complete an intake form, including personal references and a statement of intention.
  3. Meet with a current founding member for an initial interview so that you can ask any additional questions you may have. We’ll also come with some questions for you.
  4. Current members will discuss your intake form and interview responses. We may request a follow-up interview with one or more members to get to know you better.
  5. Secure sponsorship from an existing member.
  6. Attend a Seedling full-group planning meeting. This meeting will be your chance to meet other founding members, and you can expect a group interview with the members. You will also need to bring money to pay for a background check.
  7. We'll run a background check and may contact your references.
  8. Current members approve your membership application.
  9. You’ll sign the membership agreement, committing to:
  10. Pay a $250 contribution. This is refundable for up to 60 days.
  11. Start attending events/meetings.