Become a Founding Member

Let's change the world for the better.

Why become a founding member?

Being a founding member means you'll join the consensus group that is making important decisions about:

  • The tenets and rules of the planned village
  • Land selection
  • Shared buildings and infrastructure
  • Budgeting choices

Other benefits include:

  • Have first come, first pick on the site where you build your house.
  • Attend and bring a +1 to private events such as an ecovillage tour, land-scouting trips, and member retreats.
  • Be commemorated in the first shared building after we break ground.

3 members and growing!


As a show of commitment to the group, Founding Members will make a contribution of $250 or will trade skilled labor in exchange for this amount. This money will go into a shared bank account, to be used at the discretion of the group.

Obviously this project will cost more money than that initial contribution. We expect to contribute our skills and/or money to support the effort to create the ecovillage. We will use our governance process to determine when additional investments are needed to cover costs such as hiring consultants, filing legal documents, performing soil tests, etc.

We will need to contribute money toward the purchase of the land and infrastructure of the ecovillage in the future. Becoming a founding member is not a commitment to this larger contribution. When we find the right piece of land, we will create a separate agreement for financing the land.